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CCNP Routing and Switching SWITCH 300-115 Braindumps

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300-115 Exam PDF and Test Questions

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300-115 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 1.
What is needed to verify that a newly implemented security solution is performing as expected?

A. a detailed physical and logical topology
B. a cost analysis of the implemented solution
C. detailed logs from the AAA and SNMP servers
D. results from audit testing of the implemented solution

Answer: D

Question 2.
Which method of Layer 3 switching uses a forwarding information base (FIB)?

A. Topology-based switching
B. Demand-based switching
C. Route caching
D. Flow-based switching
E. None of the other alternatives apply

Answer: A

Question 3.
Which two statements are true about best practices in VLAN design? (Choose two.)

A. Routing should occur at the access layer if voice VLANs are utilized. Otherwise, routing should occur at the distribution layer.
B. Routing should always be performed at the distribution layer.
C. VLANs should be localized to a switch.
D. VLANs should be localized to a single switch unless voice VLANs are being utilized.
E. Routing should not be performed between VLANs located on separate switches.

Answer: B,C

Question 4.
If you needed to transport traffic coming from multiple VLANs (connected between switches), and your CTO was insistent on using an open standard, which protocol would you use?

A. 802.11B
B. spanning-tree
C. 802.1Q
F. Q.921

Answer: C

Question 5.
What are some virtues of implementing end-to-end VLANs? (Choose two)

A. End-to-end VLANs are easy to manage.
B. Users are grouped into VLANs independent of a physical location.
C. Each VLAN has a common set of security and resource requirements for all members.
D. Resources are restricted to a single location.

Answer: B,C